Infrastructure Development Investment , Himachal Pradesh. Shimla Mall road restoration project and Rehabilitation of Town Hall, Shimla. Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan, Masroor (2012-2017)

Project Scope: Project Monitoring for DPR of Town Hall and Mall Road, Shimla; Comprehansive Conservation Management Plan for Masroor.

Client: Tourism PMC, Himachal Pradesh in association with IPE

Project Brief: Shimla is a hill town on the foothills of the Himalayas. It was set up by the British in the 19th and 20th century and remained the summer capital for the British Government from 1864 to 1947. The town has experienced a variation in growth over a period of 200 years. It was connected by road and rail for the convenience of the British and till today, houses the finest educational institutes. Mall road is the finest example of a pedestrian ping street in India. Though the architectural style has evolved over a time frame, the intrinsic nature of the street has remained the same. Conservation of the Town Hall and Mall Road stretch is proposed under this.

Masroor Rock cut temple, historic site dating from 8th century onward is a nationally protected property well known for its unique contribution to rock cut architecture of India since it was found by ASI in 1875. An extensive research has been carried out by international academicians and temple experts with a new hypothesis and findings which indicate the cultural significance of Masroor at international level. The original rock has been excavated and sculptured into a series of temples unique in Himachal Pradesh and of a type rare in India. What survives today still represents unmatchable architecture and sculpture of high aesthetic value along with findings reflecting the outstanding stature as the site being a precursor for the famous Angkor Wat World Heritage site in Cambodia. The Masroor rock-cut group of temples is a testimony to the rock-cut architectural knowledge of ancient India. Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan, Masroor covers a heritage tourism based development for Masroor’s rock cut temples and its surroundings. It proposes a Management Strategy along with conservation and development plans. It also outlines 8 projects in Phase 1 of IDIPT.

Project Cost: To be arrived at as per DPR for each project.

Project duration: January 2012 Onwards

Project Status: Ongoing