Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh under Keeping It Modern Grant by The Getty Foundation

Project Scope: Documentation, Site analysis, Scientific, Historic, Architectural, Environmental and Landscape Survey, Preparation of a detailed set of documentation drawings and developing virtual three-dimensional models and Establishing Significance of the building and associated landscape, Assessment of physical condition and materials studies, identification of threats, issues of , site management, Conservation Strategies and Guidelines, Detailed Proposals, Secondary Plans and Strategies, Implementation strategy, Consultation, Workshop and Exhibition.

Client: Punjab Engineering College (Project Funded by the Getty Foundation, USA)

Project Brief: The scope of work covers five phases. The first phase will cover Documentation, Surveys, Background Research and Establishing Historical Significance and statement of value of the Govt Museum & Art Gallery. The workshop and exhibition will be integrated in this phase. The second phase shall include a detailed assessment of physical condition and material studies, environmental impact studies on the building material, identification of threats to the building, issues of services and site management. The third phase will envelope conservation strategies and guidelines. It will provide an insight to specific policies for conservation and maintenance of building, landscape, interior, services, risk management and Universal Access, Museum and Interpretation. The fourth phase will cover specific proposals and action plans for conservation, lighting, landscape, environment and climate control, furniture, services, museum planning, conservation lab etc. The fifth and the final phase will encase conservation plan with implementation and phasing. .

Project duration: November 2017 onward

Project Status: Ongoing