Consultancy Work for Preparing DPR and Supervision for Development of Surya Temple, Ranakpur, District Pali, Rajasthan

Project Scope: Preparation of architectural drawings, Condition Assessment, Conservation and Development Works, Proposal for Amphitheatre, Preparation of the Estimates.

Client: Amber Development and Management Authority

Project Brief: The Department of Tourism, Rajasthan has recently begun organising a grand “Ranakpur Festival”, which took place from 10th to 13th November in 2011. The festival comprises of holy chanting, cultural mes, conventional Kathak performances and classical Bharat Natyam performances. The cultural mes commenced at the ancient Surya Temple as an ideal backdrop within the Ranakpur Jain Temple complex. In an earlier event in August 2011, the Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan also organized "Yoga Retreat" from 9th to 12th August, 2011 and "Classical Dance Festival" from 9th to 11th August, 2011 at Ranakpur (Pali). The "Yoga Retreat" was a me based on Yogic activities by Shri Navtej Johar of Abhyas Trust from August 9th to 12th, 2011. This was a day long activity at and the "Classical Dance Festival" was a three days festival organized everyday at 7pm. The me of Yoga Retreat is free of cost for all the participants registered by 1st August, 2011. Though the participants had to make their own travel, board and lodging arrangements, help of Rajasthan Tourism was available in getting accommodation. The Classical Dance Festival entry was free for all.

Project duration: Sept 2011 Onwards

Project Status: Site Supervision Ongoing