The Stone Crafts of Rajasthan

Project Scope: Phase I: Background Survey: Identification and Documentation Site Visits and detailed consultation with craftspeople and local resource. Compilation of resource directory. Phase II: Development of manual and use of stone craft and products. Consultation process. Phase III: Dissemination, promotional presentations.

Client: Stone Craft Foundation and Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur

Project Brief: The Government of Rajasthan undertook an ambitious project (entitled the ‘Stone Artefacts Promotion Project’) in early 2007 to address the problem of declining craftsmanship and to foster contemporary applications of stone in building. The project began under the aegis of the Stone Craft Foundation, a society established by the Government of Rajasthan and steered by the Indian Institute of Craft and Design (IICD), Jaipur. The Stone Artefacts Promotion Project has been conceived as a long-term initiative with several benchmarks to it. DRONAH was appointed to complete the first stage which will result in three publications: The first in the series is a Resource Directory of stone Craftspersons in Rajasthan, listing practitioners working throughout the region. It is a useful ‘ready reference’ for those interested in the sourcing, purchase and supply of stone products and building elements. fieldwork , the directory also lists the Craftspersons registered with the Department of Industries, Government of Rajasthan. The second in this series is an exhaustively researched Guide to the stone crafts of Rajasthan, aimed at introducing the reader to the stone industry as a whole. The book frames its descriptions of the origins and material characteristics of different stone types in a detailed review of the architectural history and geology of stone in Rajasthan: its most significant contribution to the industry is a categorisation and listing of skilled stone Craftspersons.  Substantial data on each cluster complete the picture. The third in the series is a Manual for reference. This publication, replete with detailed drawings and pictures showing crafting and production processes, is a technically rich resource useful to architects, engineers, product designers, students, and members of the stone industry.

Project Cost: 50 Lakhs including publications by CDOS

Project duration: June 2007 - January 2012

Project Status: Completed