Conservation Proposal for Solah Rahi at Rewari, Haryana

Project Scope: Site Survey and Documentation, Conservation and Implementation, Current Condition and Management, Heritage Significance.

Client: INTACH (Indain National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage), New Delhi

Project Brief:This conservation plan aims to protect and conserve the historic site of Solah Rahi along with proposing management schemes for its effective maintenance. It provides guidance for repairs and conservation of the structure and informs site planning requirements. The methodology records and analyses the origin and existence of Solah Rahi as a water body since the early 19th century and presents a conservation proposal for the contemporary use of the site based on the detailed survey and analysis. The conservation proposal is based on an in-depth understanding of the social, religious, historical and architectural context of the site. the immediate site and the surroundings, it also takes into conration the larger urban context of Rewari town, it history, culture, crafts and industries and water situation in the town to arrive at a suitable reuse of this traditional water structure. The proposal also carefully addresses the dual aspects of heritage in Solah Rahi ie the significance of existing landscape elements as well as the architectural heritage.

The primary objective of the proposed reuse is to retain the existing historic fabric of the water body and the space, to integrate it with surroundings and to make it meaningful for the inhabitants of Rewari. The adaptive reuse of the complex has a focus on cultural activities that encourage economic sustainability in the locality. A sensitive approach towards the historic fabric is taken along with awareness of the financial viability of the proposed.

A preliminary social survey regarding the needs of the existing community is done before proposing the conservation. The conservation scheme goes beyond the physical aspects of conservation to integrate the community and the owners in the mobilization of the proposed activities in the area.

Project Cost: INTACH (Indain National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage), New Delhi

Project duration: November 2005 - March 2006

Project Status: DPR Completed