Detail Project Report for upgradation of Sheesh Mahal & Quila Mubarak Museums, Patiala.

Project Scope: To prepare a Detail Project Report (DPR) for Sheesh Mahal and Quila Mubarak Museums, Patiala as per requirements for Museum Grant under Ministry of Culture.

Client: Directorate of Cultural Affairs, Archaeology & Museums, Punjab

Project Brief: The Museum Buildings a Sheesh Mahal and Durbar Hall, Qila Mubarak exhibit impressive architecture and extraordinary museum collection and art work of wall paintings. These sites have a great potential to serve as art and cultural centres for the city of Patiala. ensuring the upgradation of these sites as state of the art museums, the approach also includes addressing the unique landscape setting, an interpretation of the historic site to visitors and their enhancement as an educational resource to visitors. Hence, the museum planning further includes spaces for museum outreach activities involving locals, and partnership with organizations to contribute to the cultural continuity of the place.

Conring the significance of the historic sites and buildings as well as equally significant collections to be displayed, a tripartite approach was selected for the Museums to appropriately address all aspects of history, built form and collections:

Approach 1: The Museum Planning recognizes and responds to the historic setting, historic landscape, architectural styles, materials and historic layers in the building. Approach 2: The Museum Facilities Planning presents a museum itinerary that justifies the site and collections along with appropriate visitors facilities, security and access for differently abled. Approach 3: The Museum Storyline and Collections Display specifically interlink the historic sites and patronage with collections wherever feasible thus providing a more engaging and lasting museum experience to the visitors.

Project Cost: 9 Crores

Project duration: June 2010 - November 2010

Project Status: DPR Completed and approved for funding under Museum Grant by Ministry of Culture. The work is in progres