Conservation and Revitalization of Old Moti Bagh Palace, Patiala

Project Scope: Preparation of DPR.

Client: Punjab Heritage Tourism promotion Board.

Project Brief: The project ‘Comprehensive conservation Plan of Motibagh Palace, Patiala’ is an attempt by Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board, Government of Punjab to revitalize the building of old Motibagh Palace & its Garden Complex, through architectural conservation, restoration and landscaping based on detailed historical documentation of the building and surroundings.

The conservation of the heritage structure is a multidisciplinary endeavour with a multi-faceted approach and an objective that goes beyond the mere technical restoration to encompass the socio-cultural realm of the Palace building reflecting its historical use. The conservation plan is based on comprehensive documentation and interpretation of the historicity of each element of the Palace structure, detailed condition assessment, principles of minimal intervention and participation of organisation in its long term maintenance. It will synthesize about the historic context, physical condition, maintenance, and conservation requirement of the cultural heritage, while addressing organisational needs (especially the athletic training of NSNIS recruits), traditional knowledge systems and appropriate adaptive reuse for the Palace enclosures. It will outline and prioritize the conservation activities that preserve and improve the cultural significance of the unique architectural heritage of Motibagh Palace Complex.

Project Cost: 17 Crores

Project duration: March 2013 Onwards

Project Status: Ongoing