Fateh Prakash Palace Museum, Chittorgarh

Project Scope: Preparation of Conservation Plan and Detailed Project Report (DPR) comprising of drawings, survey, documentation, condition assessment, specifications, items of work, tender documents etc. and Site Supervision.

Client: Amber Development and Management Authority

Project Brief:‘Conservation, Restoration, Design Development & Upgradation of Government Museum, Chittorgarh’ is an initiative of Amber Development and Management Authority, Government of Rajasthan.

This Detailed Project Report covers all aspects of Museum Planning and implementation for the said Museum. The report envisages the museum as key destination points to showcase Chittorgarh’s heritage to the visitors. With the objectives to conserve and upgrade the existing museum into state of the art Museum, the report covers conservation and design guidelines for the preservation and maintenance of the architectural integrity of the building, collections analysis and management, appropriate display strategy with lighting, visitors’ circulation and facilities and security. The report also builds on earlier works undertaken for Government Museum, Chittorgarh. The report also focuses on the suitable revenue generating model for maintenance of the museum including alternative of PPP investments.

Project duration: November 2015 Onwards

Project Status: Ongoing