Rennovation of M.I. Road (Panch Bati to Ajmeri gate), Jaipur

Project Scope: Preparation of DPR for Conservation of M. I. Road, Jaipur.

Client: Jaipur Development Authority and Department of Urban Development and Housing, Rajasthan

Project Brief: The facade control and restoration of M.I.Road is an intiative of the Government of Rajasthan. The main focus of the project is Signage development, Street Design and Facade Restoration with main emphasis on revitalization of the area by conserving its heritage character and enhancing on street, facade and signage design.

The proposal is based on the following surveys and parameters: 

  • Properties on both the s of M.I.Road from Panch Batti to Ajmeri Gate have been surveyed for their use, façade design and degree of deterioration/ intervention, addition of new architectural elements as per historic character of the building. 
  • Existing elevations of the all the properties are documented photographically and measured drawings have been prepared.
  • The proposal has conred key urban design issues such as pavement and parking area, road width, pedestrian space, signage, street furniture etc. 
  • The proposal has recommended standard elevations for the entire stretch of the project conring above mentioned aspects. These would serve as architectural and urban control guildlines for the M.I.Road area in future to be incorporated in the Heritage by laws for the area.

Project duration: September 2009 - November 2009

Project Status: DPR completed