Preparation of Conservation Master Plan and DPR for Demonstration Project at Kondapalli Fort, Andhra Pradesh

Project Scope: Preparation of a conservation master plan for the Kondapalli Fort inclusive of vision and strategy plan and conservation planning, drawings for the demonstration area. The two-phased approach will include secondary plans such as tourism management, interpretation and reuse, lighting plan, risk management and landscape plan. A list of capacity building such as training programmes and workshops activities shall be charted while preparing the plans.

Client: Department of Archaeology and Museums, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

Project Brief: The scope of work covers two phases. The first phase will cover a quick assessment and basic survey and documentation of the site to arrive at a Strategy and Vision Plan with an overall costing and phasing of works. This phase focuses on prioritised emergency conservation works and a detailed project report for a selected demonstration project area. The second phase will continue to extend into a more detailed Conservation Management Plan with detailed surveys and condition assessment recording each area of the fort. It will also include secondary plans such as Tourism Management, Interpretation and Reuse Plan, Master Lighting Plan, Risk Management Plan and Landscape Plan. This phase will also include capacity building activities such as training programmes and workshops while preparing the plan at various stages.

Project duration: April 2017 onwards

Project Status: Ongoing