Documentation, Historical Research and Condition Assessment for the Jaleb Chowk and The old Vidhan Sabha Complex at Jaipur

Project Scope: Historical Research and Documentation; Measured Drawings; Recording Areas of distress & damages 

Client: ADMA, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Project Brief: Strategically located overlooking the principal bazzar of Jaipur, the Sireh Deodhi with a majestic entrance ing onto the palatial Jaleb Chowk, the Old Vidhan Sabha Building has immense potential to serve as a cultural and historic icon of Jaipur.

This historic structure has been lying in a state of disrepair and disuse for more than a decade and the Government of Rajasthan has recently activated conservation and Reuse proposal for the building. The structure was initially under the Jaipur Municipal Corporation and a sketch proposal was prepared for the Old Vidhan Sabha and Jaleb Chowk in early 2006. However, when no action had been taken regarding the site by the end of year 2006, the conservation work of the building was finally handed over to the Amber Development and Management Authority (AD&MA), Jaipur.

This is a factual documentation that aims to serve as a useful resource for any future conservation work or adaptive reuse of the Old Vidhan Sabha building. It not only provides historic but also documents the architectural form, styles and transitions thus becoming an essential base document for all restoration, reuse and interpretation works undertaken at the site.

Project Cost: 1 Crore

Project duration: June 2007 - August 2007

Project Status: DPR Completed and restoration completed by ADMA