Smart City Plan, Jaipur

Project Scope: Preparation of DPR

Client: JSCL (Jaipur Smart City Limited) under JMC, ADMA

Project Brief: This Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Smart City Plan, Jaipur Walled City outlines a series of projects within the walled city area as per area based planning approved in the Jaipur Smart City Plan by MoUD in Jan 2016.The area based development for Jaipur covers following scope of works:

  • Smart Heritage and Tourism Precinct
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart and Sustainable Civic Infrastructure
  • Smart Multi-Modal Mobility
  • Smart Solid Waste Management

This DPR primarily include works for facade standardization, heritage conservation and adaptive reuse of Rajasthan School of Arts and smart mobility infrastructure in the city. amounting to a total project cost of Rs. 23.94 Crores. It outlines following specific projects under the overall Scope of works for area development –

Part 1 -Façade standardization and conservation with façade lighting for 9 bazaars and 1 heritage walk within the identified areas

Part 2 - Conservation of Rajasthan School of Arts located in Kishanpol bazaar as an Adaptive Reuse for Art Centre

DRONAH was the resource organisation to provide all proposals for the walled city area based plan for Jaipur, ranked 3rd in the selection of Smart City Plans in India.Additionally, DRONAH prepared the DPRs for the walled city area – 9 Bazzars and Adaptive Reuse of Rajasthan School of Arts to be implemented under the Smart City Plan of Jaipur

Project Cost: 23.94 crores

Project duration: 30 months

Project Status: Ongoing