Heritage Management Plan, Jaipur

Project Scope: To prepare Built Heritage Management Plan for Jaipur including all Built Heritage in the area of Jaipur Master Plan 2025.

Client: Jaipur Heritage Committee (JHERICO), Government of Rajasthan

Project Brief: The Heritage Management Plan of Jaipur was an initiative of the Jaipur Heritage Committee (JHERICO), Government of Rajasthan. It is a comprehensive documentation and review of the historic fabric of Jaipur city to integrate the 18th century unique planning of Sawai Jai Singh’s Jaipur to the ‘21st Century Renaissance Vision’ as stated in the Master Plan. It lists 1096 heritage areas/ buildings distinctly categorizes the present day heritage resources and heritage managers for Jaipur city and outlines the heritage objectives. It presents an action plan that identifies planning level and project level activities for the heritage resources namely, heritage sites in the walled city and out the walled city. Its findings were incorporated into the ‘Jaipur Master Plan 2025’ in 2009 - 2010.

Project duration: 2006 - February 2007

Project Status: 2006 (preparation of Plan) – 2011 (Realisation of major projects identified in the plan and integration of the plan in Jaipur Master Plan 2025)