Conceptual Plan for Riverfront Development on Gambhiri River, Chittorgarh and Green Spaces under AMRUT

Project Scope: General conceptual plan for the project with site analysis, project objectives, conceptual proposals and rough estimates.

Client: Municipal Council, Chittorgarh

Project Brief: The objectives of this multidimensional project can be categorised under two main themes:

a) Environmental Improvement: reduction in erosion and flood to safeguard the city; sewage diversion to clean the river; water retention and recharge; augmentation of existing storm water drainage network and construction of new drains.
b) Social Infrastructure: creation of parks and public spaces; provision of sociocultural amenities for the city.

As a riverfront redevelopment proposal on the Gambhiri river in Chittorgarh, the project envisages the following:
a) Provision of well-designed public space to the town in the form of parks, gardens, ghats etc.
b) Provision of public facilities such as jogging track, boat decks, pedestrian walkways
c) Redevelopment of existing infrastructure such as bridges across the river, existing ghats such that they become usable
d) Improvement in drainage system in the town and creation of retaining walls to prevent flooding of the river
e) Provision of sewerage treatment and prevention of discharge of untreated sewage into the river

Green Spaces DPR under AMRUT As part of the AMRUT scheme in Chittorgarh, redevelopment of parks and green spaces is being undertaken. In the first phase, four parks in the inner residential areas of Chittorgarh have been proposed for complete rejuvenation in order to provide proper leisure space to locals as well as visitors. These include activities for both active and passive use of the parks by all age groups. The parks are- Rajora Park, Rajiv Gandhi Park, Verma Garden and Padmini Park, amounting to a total green area of 37,335 sqmts.

Project Cost: 5 crores (Projected 25 crores)

Project duration: November 2015 onward

Project Status: Ongoing