Conservation Master Plan and Management Plan of City Palace Complex, Udaipur

Project Scope: The scope of work includes: 

Conservation Master Plan and Management Plan with Interpretation & Use Plan, Cultural Heritage Tourism Plan and Business Plan, Environmental Plan, Landscape Plan, Risk Management Plan, Master Lighting Plan. Project funded by the Getty Foundation, USA under 2 Architectural Planning Grants (2005-2009)

Client: Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF), Udaipur

Project Brief: The Conservation Planning of the City Palace Complex, Udaipur is twice funded through the Architectural Planning and Conservation Grants by the Getty Foundation, LA with the first phase of planning from 2005-07 and the second phase completed in 2008-09.

The Conservation Plan for the 400 years old historic site along with all secondary plans – Use Plan, Interpretation Plan, Environmental Plan, Risk Management Plan and the Cultural Heritage Tourism Plan is prepared by a multidisciplinary team of consultants that include museum curators, art restorers, conservation architects, historians, museum anthropologists, environmentalists, landscape architects, interpretation and lighting experts.

The conservation master plan, management plan and other secondary plans not only provide guidelines for future intervention and development but is also a support document to develop future exhibitions and outreach programs for the city palace museum. This unique site is envisioned as an educational resource where the implementation of the plan not only caters to immediate conservation needs of the site but further serve as a laboratory for onsite training programs and promote academic dialogues and outreach initiatives.

The plan outlines a value based and process oriented approach, which aims to bring forth the Indian perspective to the international conservation arena. It is currently under implementation.

Project Cost: 50 Crores

Project duration:Phase 1, November 2005-2007; Phase 2, November 2008-2009

Project Status: Plans are completed and under implementation