City Palace Museum, Udaipur

Project Scope: The scope of work includes: 

  • Planning and Conceptual Design
  • Budget Approvals
  • Implementation Timeline
  • Project management and coordination with phasing of works
  • Ensuring timely completion of all works
Client: MMCF. Udaipur, Rajasthan

Project Brief: MMCF - MOC Grant Conservation Project of the financial assistance under the scheme of ‘Setting Up, Promotion & Strengthening of Regional & Local Museums’ funded by Ministry of Culture, Government of India, New Delhi
The diagnostic studies of the existing galleries signage and publications as media of interpretation are covered, under this project. The existing galleries have been categorised in to interpretation and story based galleries, collection galleries and lifestyle galleries. The proposal for setting up new galleries and enhancing interpretation and presentation of existing ones is elaborated. The seven galleries in Zenana Mahal to be covered under the current project and have been identified. Signage prototypes have been developed from which the interpretive signage with maps, location signage, directional signage and emergency signage for the Zenana Mahal are included. The publications for dissemination of information about the site and its collections as per the Interpretation plan have been developed further under the current project with identification of more collection based publications and revisions of the existing Museum Guide book to be undertaken. A number of proposed galleries are completed since 2012..

Project Cost: 6.87 Crores

Project duration: April 2012- 2015

Project Status: Ongoing