Special Issue on JNNURM: Volume VII Issue 2

About the Volume

This special issue reviews the impact of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) on Indian cities. It presents multiple facets of the Mission and its implementation across India in the last five years, since its launch.

The issue begins with a critical review of the JNNURM approach,specifically in two sectors; Urban Poverty and Heritage that have been identified as cross cutting themes for all sectors in city planning, as per the recently revised City Development Plan (CDP) Toolkit (2009) of the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD). Amitabh Kundu and Rajender Singh provide a thorough analysis on the current inclusion of ‘Urban Poverty Alleviation’ and ‘Heritage’ in JNNURM.

In terms of scale, JNNURM is one of the largest urban level missions in the world. Yet, the Mission clearly is not an end in itself, but one of the means to achieve inclusive urban development in Indian cities. The planning exercise in Indian cities definitely needs to go much beyond the Mission to achieve sustainability. This aspect is addressed by articles on climate change, heritage resource-based development and sustainability by Ashish Rao Ghorpade, Laasya Bhagavatula, Nicole Bolomey and Kavas Kapadia.

Besides JNNURM, there are various other policies and centrally sponsored schemes for creation of infrastructure, slum development and provision of basic amenities in the urban sector. Two of the most important urban renewal schemes that can be aligned with JNNURM goals are presented by Noor Mohammad and Usha Prasad Mahavir in their articles on National Urban Transport Policy and Rajiv Awas Yojana. Government initiatives to strengthen JNNURM deliverables include capacity building programmes, knowledge sharing and reframing CDP and Detailed Project Report (DPR) Toolkits, as elaborated in articles from Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) and Indian Heritage Cities Network (IHCN).

Along with these overviews on various aspects of JNNURM, this special issue includes several case studies from various States and Mission cities under JNNURM, covering aspects of community consultation and participatory approach for slum improvement and historic settlements, urban reforms, heritage legislation, institutional frameworks, along with examples of project implementation in infrastructure, heritage and housing sector.

Shikha Jain


About the Volume
JNNURM: Overview and appraisal From the Editorial Team

Critical Analysis of JNNURM Approach
Planning Strategy for Urban Development: Institutionalisation of compromises
Amitabh Kundu
Heritage Conservation in JNNURM: An analysis
Rajender Singh

Sustainability: Beyond JNNURM and Master Plans
Building Clean and Efficient Cities: Initiatives under the Urban Climate Project
Ashish Rao Ghorpade, Laasya Bhagavatula
Developing a Heritage Resource based Approach
Nicole Bolomey
The Sustainable Indian Cities: An oxymoron
Kavas Kapadia

Way Forward with other Urban Renewal Schemes
Implementation of the National Urban Transport Policy: An assessment
Noor Mohammad
Transitions in JNNURM: Rajiv Awas Yojna
Usha Prasad Mahavir

Government Initiatives: Capacity Building and Reframing Toolkits
Building Local Capacity for Urban Development: Rapid Training Programme under JNNURM
Saswat Bandopadhyay, Shrawan Kumar Acharya.....67
Knowledge Sharing Programme under JNNURM
Chetan Vaidya, Vijay K Dhar, Nilanjana Dasgupta Sur
Reframing Toolkits: Heritage as a cross cutting theme
Indian Heritage Cities Network

Case Studies: Reforms and Institutional Framework
Urban Reforms under JNNURM: Rajasthan
R Venkateshwaran
Institutional Development: A Chennai Blueprint
M G Devasahayam
Legislation for Urban Heritage Conservation: West Bengal
S P Shorey

Case Studies: Participatory Approach for Slums and
Historic Settlements
Market Intervention based Slum Rehabilitation Scheme: Mumbai
Adolf Tragler
Community based Approach for Historic Settlements: Kachhpura, Agra
Jyotsna Bapat, Renu Khosla, Manish Kumar
Slum Free Silicon City: Bengaluru
Kathyayini Chamaraj
Housing Design through Community Consultation: Pune
Prasanna Desai
Community Participation for Liveable Neighbourhoods
Ashwini Pethe, Kavita Murugkar

Case Studies: Infrastructure, Heritage and Housing
Commonwealth Games and JNNURM: Lost potentials for transforming Delhi
AK Jain
Urban Infrastructure and Mobility Enhancement: Kolkata
Monideep Chattopadhyay, Dipankar Paul
Heritage Development Plan: Varanasi
Divay Gupta
Godavari Riverfront Development: Nanded
Deepak Mhaisekar, Sanjeev Patil
Impact of JNNURM: Laxmiguda, Hyderabad
Natraj Kranthi

Book Reviews
Corporate Social Responsibility and Urban Development by Edmundo Werna, David Murphy, Ramin Keivani
Reviewed by Sudhanshu Bhushan
Building from the Bottom: Infrastructure and Poverty Alleviation edited by Sameer Kochhar and M Ramachandran
Reviewed by P S N Rao
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