Volume VI Issue 1

About the Volume

This issue of Context provides fresh perspectives of looking at cultural landscapes and history. Amita Sinha presents a new approach for a modernising society in transition such as India, where she proposes ‘natural archetypes as keystones of conservation planning and design at pilgrim sites’, with an attempt to achieve a coherent place identity. Surbhi Gupta challenges the bias in recording history and proposes a more responsible methodology for the historians of today, where ‘history can take the initiative of becoming more than a narrative or sequence of events, situations and practices’.

Besides these contemplative approaches, articles in this issue focus on establishing significance of the traditional water harnessing systems of Dholavira and pre independence planning of water bodies and open spaces in Hyderabad. The architectural richness and embodied traditional systems of the havelis and chhattas of Saharanpur are revealed by O C Handa. An exploration of the use of visual documentation as a tool for conservation comes through the article on Kolkata. Also, a legal overview of post independence growth of Delhi is presented, highlighting important legislations and legal mechanisms that fundamentally affect the city.

In the section on sustainable solutions; Geetam Tiwari and Himani Jain argue for bicycles as a suitable mode of transport for Indian cities and call for bicycle compatibility in the urban environment. Anshu Meshack analyses the tourism impact in Andaman Islands and charters a greater involvement of the locals along with an appropriate sensitivity to the unparalleled ecological wealth.

The book review by Meeta Khilnani looks at one of the most pressing concerns of the nation today; the condition of the holy river Ganges.

The need for documenting our urban and rural heritage is elaborated through the initial articles on Kasaba Ganapati temple and Budaun, while the heritage album on Narnaul presents the rich architecture of the historic place.

Shikha Jain


About the Volume

Compiling Records
Kasaba Ganpati Temple, Pune
Parag Narkhede
Budaun ‘Piranshahr’: The city of saints
Jinisha Jain

Methods and Approaches
Natural heritage and cultural landscapes: Understanding Indic values
Amita Sinha
History: A responsible story
Surbhi Gupta
Visual documentation as a tool for conservation:
Part I, North Chowringhee Road, Kolkata
Himadri Guha, Biswajit Thakur, Swaguna Datta
Dholavira: Ancient water harnessing system
Swastik Harish
Havelis and chhattas of Saharanpur
O C Handa
Post independence growth of Delhi: A legal perspective
Panchajanya Batra Singh
Aaraish-e-Balda: Planning open spaces and water bodies
Sajjad Shahid

Sustainable Solutions
Bicycle compatibility in Indian Cities
Geetam Tiwari and Himani Jain
A resource based tourism development: Havelock and Neil Islands
Anshu Meshack

Book Review
The Holy Ganga by Kaushal Kishore
Reviewed by Meeta Khilnani

Events and Conferences

Heritage Album
Narnaul: Where lions roamed
Rakhshanda Jalil