Volume IV Issue 1


Nature and Culture – a customary symbiotic relationship but disintegrating relevance in a rapidly urbanising form and architecture today, is the focus of this issue.

The first section presents an inquiry into spaces for women in public architecture, emphasising the need to understand the socio-cultural beliefs that define the boundaries within architectural form. Be it religious, as in spaces within a masjid, or the camp and pleasure resorts of the Mughals – documented here by Basrai and Rotzer respectively, the meaning of historic architecture can only be comprehended when the architectural drawings are supported by parallel socio-cultural queries.

The 'Methods and Approaches' section looks at natural resources like forests through sacred groves, indigenous lifestyles and festivals, historic monuments vis a vis increasing urbanisation, urban space and the need for conservation and continuity


'Sustainable Solutions' includes two articles – the first one presents a wide perspective from the philosophical roots of India to the present day planning dilemma in the Indian cities. To an extent, it helps us understand why our cities and educational curriculum are in the present state of confusion. The second article in this section addresses the issues and concerns raised in the earlier articles and provides solutions for better management of indigenous resources, transparency in decision making and an integrated approach to planning and conservation.

Since its inception, our journal has published articles from experts in varied disciplines to provide examples of a holistic approach to development. While we have received an encouraging response, some of our readers have suggested that the publication should focus on a particular discipline or have more thematic issues. We would like to reiterate that the aim of our journal is to break the 'professional cocoons' and encourage interdisciplinary perspectives, hence the diverse selection of articles.

Shikha Jain



Compiling Records
Evolution of the Bohra Masjid in Gujarat A.D. 1650-1950
Zameer Basrai
Kalyadeh and Sadalpur: Camp cum Pleasure Resorts
of the Malwa Sultans in the 15th century
Klaus Rotzer

Methods & Approaches
Aspiring for Resurgence: A Case Study of Ajeevali, A Sacred Grove
from Western Ghats of India
Supriya Goturkar Mahabaleshwarkar and Mukul Mahabaleshwarkar
Cultural Significance of Indigenous Institutions and Forest Management in Himachal Pradesh
Hement K. Gupta
A Capital in the Making: Sustainable Development in Dehradun
Meghna Khaima
Effect of Pollution and other Environmental Factors on Monuments
Ganapati Utsav in Pune: Sense of Place, Space and Pace
Mukta Latkar

Sustainable Solutions
Understanding Sustainability
Akshay Kaul
Poverty Alleviation: The Need for a Holistic Approach
Vinnie Jouhari

Book Review
by Azhar Tyabji


Heritage Album