Volume II Issue 1


The balance that holds our system together is certainly gravely in need of corrections. And it has to start with the interpretation in our minds of the environment around us and more importantly in recognising the place we have been assigned in this comprehensive order – the system. Fritz Schumacher said that science and engineering can only produce ‘know how’ – the ‘technology’ but it can not produce ideas by which to sustain life. So we turn to art, a very human subject. CONTEXT is an idea and in this issue, we follow on in bringing to you the problems, issues and some solutions that relate to us. The documentation section presents impressive renderings of a haveli in Jaisalmer and evolution of design and built form at Mandu.

The feature articles are an interesting mélange for individual preference starting with doctoral research approaches for studying south Asian art and architecture at PRASADA and moving on to the technical aspects of building conservation in Santhome Cathedral. The following articles have a special focus on sustainable urban planning highlighting the difficulties and breakdown of metropolitan life and interventions required in physical and transport planning presented informatively by Ajay Khare and Ravinder Batta. The article by Jyotika Khimta provides a glimpse of community initiatives with its first hand experience in assisting economic liberation of women in rural India.

‘Sustainable Solutions’ documents two case studies – one in post earthquake rehabilitation at home and another in energy management partnership across borders.

Heritage Album showcases the grandeur of the remains of Gingee Fort captured by architect Kamalahasan through his camera and the magnificence of numerous unnamed artists who carry on the tradition of painted houses of Hazaribagh.

Hoping you enjoy it all!

Cheena Kanwal - From the Board of Editors



Compiling Records
Design Principles in the Elevation of a Haveli: Jorawarmalji’s Haveli, Jaisalmer
Himanish Das
Mandu: The Royal Living of the Bygone Era
Tapas Kumar Bhattacharyya and Arunabha Chatterjee

Methods and Approaches
Contemporary Research on South Asian Architecture : Issues and Approaches
Adam Hardy and all
Restoration of the Santhome Cathedral
Ravi Gundu Rao & Associates
Design Interventions in the Urban Areas of Jharkhand : Urban Transformations
Ajay Khare
Transport Policy & Management : Calculating Risks and Options
Ravinder N. Batta
Proposed Action Plan for Conservation of Waterbodies in Delhi
Manu Bhatnagar
Self Help Groups : A Successful Alternative for Poverty Alleviation
Jyotika Khimta

Sustainable Solutions
Post Earthquake Rehabilitation
Yatin Pandya
A Partnership Approach to Local Energy Management between European and Asian Cities
Peter Webber, Vasco Ferreira, Manuel Pardo, Don Lack, Luis astanheira

Heritage Album
Gingee Fort
Kamalahasan Ramaswamy
Painted Houses of Hazaribagh
Bulu Imam

The Case of the Intach Charter
Vishakha Kawathekar, Paromita De Sarkar and Gurmeet S. Rai